Contact a Board Member

Please help us to bring some of our concerns to the Douglas County Board of Education by contacting a board member directly.  Their preferred mode of contact is by email. You can find out which schools are in each district here. It’s fine, though, to address them all as a group.

Devetrion Caldwell, District 1 –

DT Jackson, District 2 –

Tracy Rookard (Chair), District 3 –

Michelle Simmons (vice-Chair), District 4 –

Jeff Morris, District 5 –

Trent North, Superintendent –

Consider raising one of the following issues in your email:

  1. How do we know that the high graduation rates are a result of high achievement and that all of the graduates are truly ready for college and/or career?
  2. Why do many graduates drop out of college and/or lose the HOPE scholarship within their first year of college? Why do very few earn a Bachelor’s degree in either 4 or 5 years?
  3. Why do most AP students make As or Bs in the course when very few pass AP exams and thus qualify for college credit?
  4. How does the Board know which regulations included in the strategic waiver will be ignored by the school system? How will you know the effects of this on students?
  5. How is the extra money received from the state for gifted children enrolled in AP and IB courses being spent to benefit these children, especially when the class size allowed by the strategic waiver to receive such funds has increased?

We recommend that you CC the Community Relations Director Karen Stroud ( in your communication.