Contact a Board Member

Please help us to bring some of our concerns to the Douglas County Board of Education by contacting a board member directly using the Let’s Talk page on the DCSS website. This form can be submitted anonymously if you desire.

Consider posting one of the following questions to the Let’s Talk page:

  1. How do we know that the recent rise in graduation rate is a result of true gains in student achievement, and not a result of lowering standards for earning a diploma?
  2. How do we know that credits issued by online courses are credible and represent the same level of learning as credits issued in traditional courses?
  3. Why has our school system received a number of notable Advanced Placement awards when the AP Exam failure rate is so high?
  4. How is the extra money received from the state for gifted children (up to $1600 more per child) enrolled in AP and IB courses being spent to benefit these children, especially when the class size allowed by the strategic waiver to receive such funds has increased?

Send Your Question

If you post one of these questions, please let us know on our facebook page which one you chose!