Artistic Excellence

Jovany Dorsainvil, Class of 2016, Douglas County High School

When Jovany Dorsainvil, a senior in the International Baccalaureate program, first decided to audition for Interlochen, his first thought was, “How am I going to compete for a few tuba positions when this is an international camp?”

He first started playing tuba in 8th grade, when he switched from alto saxophone in the middle of the year to pursue tuba. He quickly fell in love with the instrument, and continued his studies into high school. In high school, Jovany won County, District, and All State band auditions, and even was a member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

He was recently accepted into Interlochen Arts Camp for the summer, a rigorous, prestigious 6 week program where he will study music in Interlochen, Michigan. He wasn’t sure he would have a spot, but he decided to stay after school one day and record the first movement of the Gregson Tuba Concerto for his audition. The committee enjoyed the performance and invited him on board.

Jovany explains what it took to make it this far as a musician: “In order to get to this point as a player, I had to take a lot of private lessons, and I had to try and go beyond what my normal studies in school offered me. All of my lessons and studies over the year propelled me to be able to make the academy this year, even despite it being an international program for high school students.”

When he gets there, he plans to spend a lot of time practicing, studying music, and enhancing his knowledge in classical music. He says that going outside of the required bounds and standards of his education allowed him to grow as a person, a musician, and ultimately as a musician.

Jovany’s music teacher is the band director at DCHS, Mr. Brandon Respress.

See the performance video he submitted to Interlochen