Our Concerns

Some specific concerns about our local school system gave rise to this organization:

  1. Our county lacks quality public school options at the middle school and high school levels. Major indicators of this are low standardized test scores compared to the state, nation, and world, and low college and career readiness indicators.
  2. The school system’s recent achievements (e.g. graduation rates) are misleading to the public about the quality of our schools (particularly the high schools), and yet are benefitting administrators professionally.
  3. Recent allegations (from fall of 2015) of financial impropriety at the county office.
  4. Competition, driven by vain ambition, between magnet programs for more students may be lowering and will continue to lower the quality of education.
  5. The poorest, most socially and econonically marginalized children and familes are being harmed the most by the system’s policies, and are not graduating as “productive citizens” who are college or career ready.