How Many Students at Douglas County High School Are Excelling Academically?

To promote academic excellence in our high schools, we created the Excellence Index (EI): a simple way of rating schools academically by focusing exclusively on high achievement. The EI quantifies the percentage of students scoring at the highest levels on an array of exams. Scores are referenced to state and global norms, which are set to a EI score of 75 (representing a typical level of high achievement). To get a 75 score based on 2017 test score data a school would have:

 – 13% score a 5 on AP exams
– 10% score in the 90 percentile or higher on the SAT
– 9% score Distinguished Learner (Level 4) on EOCs (average of all 8 subjects)

– 29% score 6 or 7 on IB exams (if applicable)

These are each weighted equally in the index.

Douglas County High School’s 2018 Excellence Index score is a 52.  This means that Douglas County students are score at the highest levels on exams at a rate that is about 33% less than their peers statewide or nationally. The underlying data is in the graph below.

This data shows that rate at which Douglas County students score in the 90 percentile on the SAT is about 30% less than the national rate; the rate at which IB students scored a 6 or 7 on IB exams was about 40% less than the global rate; and that AP exams were more than 4 times less likely to get a score of a 5 than nationally.  For EOCs, the rate of students scoring at the Distinguished Learner level on the EOC was about 22% higher than the statewide rate.
chart (9)
The index score increased from 40 in 2017 to 51 as a result of:
1. A higher percentage of students scoring 6s or 7s on the IB exam (11% to 17%)
2. A higher percentage scoring a 5 on AP exams (2 to 3%)

3. A higher percentage scoring Level 4 on EOCs (10.4 to 11.1) coupled with a slight decrease in the state reference point. Deserving special attention is Economics with over 20% scoring a Level 4, and US History with over 16%. The Algebra rate was double the state!

However, in Physical Science, the only exam IB students do NOT take, only 0.8% scored a Level 4 (compared with 4% statewide).  It is thus likely that across all subjects, very few non-IB students are scoring at the top levels.

If you are a stakeholder at Douglas County High School (e.g. parent, grandparent, homeowner in the district, future parent), please help us advocate for excellence by contacting Principal Andre Weaver to express concern over low achievement in SAT and AP exams, and ask exactly what is being done to raise more students to these levels of achievement:

 You might also include his immediate supervisor, Cathy Swanger:


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