Revised Education Advocacy Goals


CEPS has revised its education advocacy goals, making them more concrete and organizing them according to moral ideals that citizens should expect from their public school system (transparency, honesty, equity and opportunity, and fiduciary responsibility).  These are written in the form of things we would like the school system to do or things we would like to see happen in the system. We hope you will recognize the value of these to our community’s children and join us in advocating for them.


  • All academic achievement data for high schools/magnets, especially AP and IB exams, posted on the Internet, including comparison with State and/or National or Global figures.
  • Communication with all middle school parents and current magnet school parents about where to find such data.
  • Keep and report data on post-graduation success over 5-year periods for each graduating class. .
  • Report to public test scores for online credit recovery students and students with disabilities. Show the achievement gains that are resulting in more of these students graduating.


  • School administrators held accountable for bridging “honesty gaps” at the schools (honesty gaps are disparities between course grades and more objective indicators of student achievement like test scores)
  • Teachers reprimanded for grade inflating practices whereby course grades are increased without any connection to real gains in achievement.


Equity and Opportunity

  • Placement of only academically qualified students (i.e. demonstrated readiness for college level coursework) in AP and IB classes. A 1 and 10 chance of getting college credit from AP courses is NOT opportunity. Misplacing students academically is inequitable.
  • Assignment of certified teachers to oversee any credit recovery courses, online or otherwise. This doesn’t mean certified PE teachers! It means teachers that certified in the subject areas of the courses they are supervising.
  • Compliance with all other NCAA requirements for non-traditional courses in online credit recovery programs.


Fiduciary Responsibility

  • Transparency on the use of all funds received for Gifted students and students with disabilities to ensure that they are benefiting them directly.


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