A Parable of Faux Success

drivers ed

A company, sanctioned by the DMV, sets up shop in Douglas County to provide Driver’s Education for our teenagers.In 2016, they had their best year ever, providing training to 3300 would-be drivers. Although only 13 failed to complete the course, 1682 felt unprepared to even take the DMV driver test.  About half, 1618 optimistically took their driver’s test and yet only 376 passed, receiving their driver’s license.  Although the other 2924 students are still not able to drive, they were ensured that future driving schools they might attend would be impressed that they finished this rigorous course. Ironically, the DMV celebrated the company’s achievement of serving over 3000 students last year and the company has announced plans to expand, due to increased demand and popularity.

This metaphor was used by a CEPS volunteer speaking at the March BoE meeting about the state of our district’s AP program. He went on to say:

Sadly, this metaphor reflects our current AP program, where enrollment is celebrated while an 89% non-achievement rate seems to go unaddressed.  We’ve done a great job at increasing enrollment steadily since 2011, yet college credit achievement remains very, very low.

Yet Douglas County Schools continues to showcase its AP accolades. Again, this year all five high schools were named “AP Honor Schools” by the GA DoE, based solely on their course offerings, while all five schools had a mode exam score of 1.

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