Graduation Rates Compared to Matriculation and Remediation Rates in College


Using recently obtained data from the Georgia Department of Education, we calculated the percentage of 2015 Douglas County graduates who matriculated in a public college and of those who matriculated, the percentage who needed to take at least one remedial course. We compared these figures to the state and to all the surrounding counties.

Notice the contrast between Douglas County’s graduation rate (the highest) and the percentage of students who did not go to college after graduating or who needed remediation (also the highest!). In spite of a 88% graduation rate, 68% of graduates either did not enroll in college or needed to take a high school level course in college because they didn’t really learn it in high school. This may be the strongest evidence yet that the high graduation rate was obtained by the systemic lowering of academic standards throughout the district. Even though students graduate with a “college prep” diploma, there is NO evidence that Douglas County graduates are better prepared for college. Rather, the evidence indicates that they are LESS prepared for college.

Please note that this data does not account for the small numbers of students who enroll in a private or out-of-state college. This data is not available. 

All data was obtained either through an open records request or directly from


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