A Graduate’s Collegiate Success


Perhaps the best indicator of the quality of a K-12 school system is how its graduates perform in college. Thus, we are regularly on the lookout for students who are excelling in college to tell their stories.

Joy Peltier (class of 2013, Douglas County High School) will graduate from UGA this spring with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. One of the reasons she was able to finish both, remarkably, in four years is that she started college with numerous credits earned from her International Baccalaureate exams taken in high school. She earned 38 of the maximum 45 points on IB exams en route to her earning the IB Diploma –  one of the highest scores ever in DCHS’s IB program. I got to experience the excellence of her academic work firsthand, having taught her for two years in high school. I remember telling my wife, after grading one of her essays, that her writing was so good that it “nearly provoked me to envy.” She even took it upon her self to write an independent 15 page research paper in the field of Philosophy, which she had never formally studied but had grown a passion for. A remarkable young lady!

Joy was recently honored by UGA which featured her in a major fundraising campaign. The story highlights her accomplishments in college, which include earning the Foundation Fellowship (“the university’s foremost undergraduate fellowship”) and conducting high level undergraduate research for all four years, a project that developed into her Master’s thesis.  It also describes her efforts to “give back” to her hometown, Douglasville, by serving as a summer intern as a free health care clinic – The CarePlace.

You can read Joy’s UGA feature here: http://give.uga.edu/story/joy-peltier/#story-1

We hope to see more extraordinary success stories like these from our graduates! For more “Profiles of Excellence” go to: https://advocatingexcellence.org/academic-excellence/


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